COVID-19 ASHRAE Indoor Air Recommendations

ASHRAE Recommends:

Increase outdoor air ventilation (disable demand-controlled ventilation and open outdoor air dampers to 100% as indoor and outdoor conditions permit).

• Improve central air and other HVAC filtration to MERV-13 (ASHRAE 2017b) or the highest level achievable.

• Keep systems running longer hours (24/7 if possible).

Add portable room air cleaners with HEPA or high-MERV filters with due consideration to the clean air delivery rate (AHAM 2015).

• Add duct- or air-handling-unit-mounted, upper room, and/or portable UVGI devices in connection to in-room fans in high-density spaces such as waiting rooms, prisons, and shelters.

• Maintain temperature and humidity as applicable to the infectious aerosol of concern.

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Applying AAON Equipment for Resilient Mitigation of Infectious Aerosols