AAON heating and cooling products is engaged in the engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sale of semi-custom heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment (HVAC) for commercial use. AAON is a world leader in creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments, efficiently, through the manufacture of premium HVAC equipment.

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Increase your COVID-19 Isolation Room Capacity and Protect Patient and Staff

The Iso-Aire™ exhaust and filtration system is the ideal solution for healthcare facilities needing to quickly increase isolation room capacity or add filtration capability to common and high traffic areas, such as waiting rooms, to protect staff and patients.  Iso-Aire was developed to address COVID-19 and other droplet or airborne based infections in a high performance, quiet, weather proof and quick to install packaged unit.

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UV Resources products meet all market specifications from high output fixtures (DEF HO Series) to standard output fixtures (DEF SO Series); and for built-up systems, a NEMA 4X (SEF-N Series) product designed specifically for rooftop/outdoor applications of most any type. The Remote Lamp Mount, (RLM Series) fixtureless system is available in two distinct types. One is designed for fan coil, heat pump and PTAC units and the other (RLM Xtreme) delivers flexibility, high output and unequaled safety for built-up systems at the lowest price of any product available. All of these UVC products can be installed in new equipment or existing HVACR systems to kill surface and airborne pathogens reducing the spread of infectious agents (viruses, bacteria and mold) as well as the growth of mold on coils and in drain pans.

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